5 Best Seattle Mariners Moments During the 2020 Season

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Although we did not get to watch the Seattle Mariners celebrate a postseason clinch or a World Series trophy lift, there are still some great moments to look back on. To start things off, I will start from the bottom of my shortlist.

Seattle Mariners Top Moments No. 5 – Evan White’s Sliding Catch in Foul Territory

Evan White made some incredible defensive plays during his rookie season and choosing just one was tough. But out of all of his highlight plays during his Gold Glove campaign, the catch he made in early August is my favorite.

In the top of the ninth inning against the Colorado Rockies, Nolan Arenado came up with one out. Former Seattle Mariners reliever Taylor Williams threw a 0-1 slider on the outside part of the plate.

Arenado was fooled and hit a flair out into foul territory. It was hit into no man’s zone and Arenado probably thought it would drop and become an 0-2 count.

But Evan White had something else in mind. He made a long run into foul territory and made a sliding catch!

This was not some routine play, White was in a full sprint running towards foul territory while looking at the ball over his shoulder.

Shed Long Jr. who was playing second base was not even remotely close to it. Mallex Smith was on his way but only to pick up the ball after it dropped onto the ground.

This was one of many Gold Glove plays Evan White made. Imagine how many more times he will end up on Sportscenter.

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