Brian Kelly Issues Bizarre Message To Notre Dame Nation After Loss To Alabama

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Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly wasn’t thrilled with some of the questions he got from local reporters after his team’s loss to Alabama on Friday night. He also ended his post-game press conference with a bizarre message.

Kelly, clearly frustrated by both the result of the contest and the questions he got in the aftermath, told Notre Dame fans that the Fighting Irish will be back on this stage again – adding they shouldn’t “jump off a bridge or a building.”

Notre Dame fans are notoriously passionate, but this is a little much.

Kelly praised Alabama, but also suggested his team was “right there” with the Crimson Tide.

Notre Dame got off to a slow start, falling behind by two touchdowns early after big plays by Alabama stars DeVonta Smith and Najee Harris. The Fighting Irish simply didn’t hit on enough big plays to stay with the Tide.

This is the second College Football Playoff semifinal blowout loss in three years for the Fighting Irish. That said, Alabama and Clemson, which beat Notre Dame in 2018, have been the two most consistent programs in the sport the past few years.

Notre Dame fans will have to wait another year to see if they have a team that can truly compete for a national title. Kelly clearly thinks the program is close.

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