College Football World Is Crushing Dabo Swinney Tonight

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2021 is off to a very poor start for Dabo Swinney. His Clemson team was soundly beaten by Ohio State in tonight’s Sugar Bowl.

As a marquee coach, Swinney is bound to take some criticism when his team loses like this. However, his mouth is the reason he’s being treated especially harshly tonight.

Swinney is vocal about everything he believes in–including the fact he didn’t think Ohio State should be ranked No. 3 in the country. Sure, Swinney said the Buckeyes were talented enough to beat his team (they did) and win a national title (they might), but he also felt they were deserving of the No. 11 spot on his Coaches Poll ballot because of the fact they only played a handful of games.

Because of this fact, there are many out there happy to see Dabo get some comeuppance, and they aren’t shy about expressing that, especially throughout the college football world.

Dabo deserves this treatment tonight, but fortunately for him, he can take solace in the fact he’ll likely be back on this stage again next season.

Clemson has made the last six College Football Playoffs, and they will no doubt be favored to reach No. 7 in 2021.

If and when they do, Dabo would be wise to choose his words more carefully leading up to the game.

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