Mother Of 7-Year-Old Boy Who Was Found Dead In Frigid Weather Charged With Manslaughter

Awoman in Georgia had the shock of her life when she found 18 snakes living under her bed inside her home.

Trish Wilcher was terrified to see the mother snake along with her recently hatched 17 baby reptiles. “Look at all the baby snakes in my bedroom…. I am freaked out,” she wrote on Facebook along with pictures of the snake family.

The Augusta resident said before going to bed she spotted “what I thought was a piece of fuzz on the floor, went to reach for it and it moved.” On a closer look, she found there were snakes.

She told WSBTV that initially, she counted nine snakes in total. But then she started finding more and more.

Wilcher’s husband Max took a grabber tool and put each snake in a linen bag. The snakes were later released at a nearby creek. A wildlife trapper visited the home the next day and found no other snakes in the house. The trapper said the reptiles found inside the house were nonvenomous garter snakes.

In another post on Facebook, Wilcher wrote, “I am struggling to move about the house much less sit down anywhere!!! I may need a cardiologist after this!!!”

Snakes are more active in the summer, and are often looking for places where they can safely lay their eggs.

“If you have a mouse problem, the snakes are going to come and try to help you with that,” Camilla Sherman, the Phinizy Center for Water Sciences environmental educator, told WSPA. “In the winter, when it’s cold, they slow down because their body is not able to produce heat like ours is,” she said.

“So, in the summertime, they’ve got plenty of heat. They are a lot more active, so you’re more likely to see them.”

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