Patriots’ Cam Newton reveals reason he’s ‘immediately’ leaving Boston now that season is over

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New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton was raring to leave Foxborough immediately after their Week 17 game against the New York Jets. He bared that he hasn’t seen his kids in three months after the season started where he was regularly on the road with the team, per USA Today‘s Henry McKenna.

It wasn’t an easy journey for the 2015 NFL MVP over the past few months as he previously found himself being released by the Panthers following a nine-year stint with the team. After three months of being left in the open, Newton was finally signed by the Patriots on a one-year deal in a bid to fill the spot vacated by former quarterback Tom Brady.

Newton would go on to have a rollercoaster campaign with the team in his first season of playing in a complicated system under Bill Belichick. He also regularly claimed his lack of weapons on the field, which was largely in part of the previous opt-outs made by the veterans of the team with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Patriots would often get to hang around against tough opponents in tightly-contested games but didn’t have the strength to close out games in crunch time. A 7-9 record wasn’t enough for the Patriots to snag the AFC East divisional title and punch a ticket to the playoffs, which haven’t happened in 11 years.

Despite the rude awakening over the past few months, Cam Newton can only bank on the quality of his showing this season and hope that he will still get to land a new contract with a team heading to the 2021 NFL season.

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