Sheriff deputy’s baby killed in shooting at their Alabama home

The 11-month-old daughter of a Birmingham sheriff’s deputy has died following a shooting at the family’s home. reports that Birmingham police were called to the home of a Jefferson County deputy sheriff on Tuesday afternoon. Responding officers were met by the identified deputy sheriff, who was holding the victim in her arms. She said, ‘My child is deceased,”Birmingham police Sgt. Rod Mauldin told the news outlet.

The child was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene. The deputy sheriff was not on duty at the time. She and the child’s father were brought into the police station for questioning.

Officers reportedly recovered two weapons from the home. Police are working to determine how the child was shot, and who pulled the trigger.

“We want to make sure we conduct a very thorough investigation, preserve the evidence and interview those who were here at the home when it took place,” Mauldin told “We are putting the pieces of the puzzle together.”

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