26-Year-Old Woman Alleges Doctors Mistakenly Removed Her Uterus Instead Of Gall Bladder

In a case of alleged medical negligence, a 26-year-old woman, who went in for a gall bladder removal surgery, has had her uterus removed instead.

The shocking incident happened in the Indian city of Srinagar. Following the incident, the woman’s family has decided to approach the police against a private hospital and doctors, reports Brighter Kashmir.

According to the woman, she was diagnosed with a 6-mm polyp on her gall bladder. Doctors advised her surgery, following which she got admitted to the hospital in June.

A few days after the surgery, she underwent an ultrasound. To her shock, she found out that her uterus was missing. The scan also revealed that the polyp was too small to require removal of the gall bladder.

The woman’s family approached the hospital authorities, who allegedly refused to take responsibility for the grave error. Her relatives said the hospital later pleaded with them for a “compromise.”

According to the woman’s husband, this was like a “death sentence,” and they have lost “all hopes of becoming parents now.”

“The reality that we will never be able to conceive is haunting us,” the woman’s husband was quoted by the news outlet. He said he was worried that the removal of body parts in such a manner would affect the woman’s health.

Meanwhile, the hospital authorities have said they aren’t aware of any such incident. “If anyone has any issue, they can directly approach me as I am the authority,” the hospital spokesperson told Kashmir Observer.

However, the issue has come to the attention of the state health department. Director of Health Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad Rather told Kashmir Dot Com that action would be taken against the hospital administration and the doctor after the family files a written complaint.

India witnessed a similar incident in 2018 when a surgeon of a New Delhi-based hospital was fired after he performed an unnecessary operation on a man’s leg, mistaking him for another patient. The surgeon drilled a hole in the right leg of a 50-year-old man to insert a pin before realizing he had operated on the wrong patient. Doctors said the patient was taken care of, and he recovered after a few weeks of rest.