3-YO girl dies after father forces her to sit in boiling hot water because he was furious she had diarrhea

A 3-year-old girl tragically lost her life after she was tortured by her father for a reason she was too young to have any control over. Her father allegedly forced the girl to sit in a bathtub filled with boiling hot water because the little girl was experiencing diarrhea.

Identified as Rabiha Khaled Abdel Hamid, the little girl from Libya was allegedly hit with a rope by her father after he went into a fit of rage, according to Metro. The parent then forced the child to sit in boiling hot water for more than an hour before locking her up inside a room.

Her body was covered with burns, but instead of immediately getting her medical attention, the father locked Rabiha inside a room till 9 pm.

After making his daughter suffer, the father eventually agreed to allow the girl to be taken to the hospital and contacted one of his wife’s relatives. Unfortunately, Rabiha did not survive the injuries.

When the father was confronted on how the little girl suffered the burns, he claimed his daughter accidentally caused them to herself. His story was that Rabiha walked into the kitchen and spilled the hot water on herself.

However, investigators eventually found reason to believe that Rabiha’s father was allegedly behind his daughter’s death. The Criminal Investigation Department spoke to both the mother and father, and they admitted to the crime when presented with evidence. They believe the tragic incident took place on May 9, according to The Sun.

At the moment, it is unclear whether the mother was also involved in the events that led to Rabiha’s death. Both parents have not yet been charged but were transferred to the public prosecutor’s office. Investigators also found that the father had a drug addiction.

Rabiha’s story sparked massive outrage among residents of the country and many pushed for the death penalty to be handed over to the little girl’s father.

A similar incident was reported from Genesee County, Michigan, after the police received a call about a two-year-old child finding it hard to breathe.

When the child was discovered, his body was found with severe burns, believed to have been caused a day before the Flint Police were called up on February 4, 2021.

“We believe that the child was having some potty training issues,” said Prosecutor David Leyton, as reported by NBC25. “Perhaps the mother and boyfriend got upset about it, and put him, as punishment, in a tub of scalding hot water which resulted in these dramatic burns.”

The child’s mother, Keyanna Paulette Pope, and her boyfriend, Kendrick Gardner, reportedly made the little one suffer the burns while his 4-year-old sister was also in the house. The severe burns that the toddler suffered stretched from the stomach to his groin area.

Leyton added, “The mother and her boyfriend didn’t do anything about it until the child, who is in such distress, was having trouble breathing.”

While the boy was taken to the hospital, his mother and her boyfriend faced several charges which included child abuse.