5-year-old calls 911 because her dad can’t breathe, has a hilarious chat with the dispatcher

Kids these days are really tech-savvy and are smart. They know how to deal with a situation in a calm and composed manner and that’s exactly what 5-year-old Savannah Hensley did. She called 911 to let them know that her father was unable to breathe and that he needed immediate assistance. Hensley, surprisingly, was very calm and composed and replied to the dispatcher while also checking in on her dad, because Frank, her father, was in no position to speak.

The dispatcher Jason Bonham was quite surprised and relieved at the same time to see someone so young deal with such a grave situation so effortlessly. Hensley got straight to the point once she connected with Bonham. “My Dad can hardly breathe,” she told him, who assured her help was on the way. She gave him updates on her father’s condition and even unlocked the front door as per Bonham’s instructions,

However, Hensley thought it was also important to update the dispatcher on other matters. Though she kept reassuring her father between the call she was worried she was underdressed for when help arrives. “We’re in our jammies… and I’m in a tank top. So… I’ll have to get dressed,” she can be heard saying in the transcript that was later released.

She had answers ready for every question that came her way, but the only real worry she had was about her clothes. She keeps alternating between her outfit and her dad’s situation. “I don’t know what I’m gonna wear, but… he really needs oxygen, real fast.” After assuring the dispatcher that she’s staying by her father’s side and talking to him, she tells Bonham about their family dog Lou. “We have a dog… that’s really small,” she says. Bonham responds by asking about the dog and if Lou barks. Hensley tells him, “He kind of barks.”

Hancock County dispatcher Jason Bonham praised Hensley for being so calm during an emergency situation. “Most people, when you talk with them, they’re so hysterical,” said Bonham, reported Bored Panda. “Every time I’ve listed to it, it’s amazing. She’s just a little person.” The five-year-old stayed on the line for more than 10 minutes as help arrived to help her father. Thankfully, her father recovered and was totally fine, and it’s all because of the little one’s smart thinking!

Keeping Hensley’s example in mind, it’s time to teach our young ones how to deal with unprecedented situations like this. What do you think?