6-year-old girl killed Friday night in Southeast DC mass shooting

A six-year-old girl is dead after a shooting that happened late Friday night.

Officers heard shots of gunfire at the corner of Malcolm X and MLK Boulevard in the 2900 block in Southeast D.C.

Executive Assistant Chief of Police Ashan Benedict said that when officers arrived on the scene, they found six gunshot victims. Five adults were transported to area hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries and the six-year-old was the only one pronounced dead on Friday, police said.

There have been no arrests in the case, police said and the suspect is still at large. No motivation has been identified in the shooting as well, according to authorities.

A Southeast D.C. community protested the renewal of a liquor store’s license, Mart Liquor, on the same corner earlier this year.

Dozens of people gathered outside the liquor store the evening of May 19 in protest . However, it’s more than the liquor license they were concerned about; it’s the trash, crime, and loitering community members said are associated with all of the liquor stores in the corridor.

“This is a community that is saturated with liquor stores and looking at the DC Health Equity Report published by Mayor Bowser it says that areas that are suffering from low economic development are at high risk of violence when they also are coupled with saturated, high alcohol density institutions,” Salim Adofo, Chairperson for Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8C said. “And so what we see is there are about seven liquor stores in this corridor and we looked at the MPD crime data and within 2,000 feet of this liquor store, there has been one murder every 90 days.”

Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) crime data showed there had been 25 homicides in the three-quarter-mile radius surrounding Mart Liquor over the last two years at the time in May.

The shooting of the six-year-old also comes three years to the day after 10-year-old Makiyah Wilson was gunned down after returning from getting ice cream in her Northeast D.C. neighborhood.

She was hit by a bullet meant for someone else.

“It’s honestly like, ‘wow. It’s 3 years now?’ So, it just be more overwhelming,” Donnetta Wilson, who is Makiyah’s mother, said.

Makiyah’s life was snatched away on July 16 in 2018 when surveillance cameras caught a black car pulling up to a courtyard on 53rd Street in Clay Terrace. A group of masked men jumped out and sprayed more than 70 gunshots into the crowd.