7-YO boy dies after he was thrown around 27 times to prove to his mother that he wasn’t fit for martial arts

A 7-year-old boy, who loved Super Mario and enjoyed playing sports, decided to try out martial arts and joined a judo class. But his interest in trying something new wound up being fatal and put him in a coma for a couple of months. The young boy from Taiwan, nicknamed Wei Wei, convinced his family to allow him to take Judo lessons. And two weeks after he began going for the classes, his uncle recorded a video of Wei Wei being thrown around in class to prove to his mother that judo was not the boy’s cup of tea, according to New York Post.

In the video, the young boy was captured being picked up and thrown on the mat over and over again by one of his older classmates. Their coach was also seen demanding the older boy to continue throwing the boy around. What the coach completely ignored was the little boy’s cries as he screamed “my leg”, “my head,” and “I don’t want it!” As the lesson continues, Wei Wei was seen growing visibly weak. At one point, he is too tired to get up, and that’s when the coach picks the child up himself and throws him a few more times. Even when Wei Wei throws up, the coach continues with the so-called “training,” according to BBC.

According to the family, they saw Wei Wei being thrown around up to 27 times in the disturbing footage. The “training” finally came to an end with the boy passing out. That’s when the coach accuses the child of faking it.

Wei Wei was eventually taken to the hospital and found to have suffered severe brain hemorrhaging. “I still remember that morning when I took him to school. He turned around and said, ‘Mama goodbye’. By night, he had become like this,” said the boy’s mother, unable to believe that her boy came out of a judo lesson and went straight into a coma. It was reported that the boy’s uncle felt “terrible for what happened” to his nephew in the incident that took place in the month of April.

Even now, the family can’t believe that the coach would treat the boy that way, and they later discovered that he was teaching kids without a license. The coach was identified by his surname Ho and is said to be in his late 60s. He was charged with physical assault resulting in serious injury and using a minor to commit a crime. Although he was taken into custody, Ho was eventually released after posting his bail amount.

For nearly 70 days after the incident, Wei Wei was kept alive on life support until Tuesday, June 29, according to BBC. The hospital had announced that his blood pressure and heart rate levels were dropping, after which the boy’s parents decided to pull the plug. Wei Wei’s story garnered a lot of attention in Taiwan, and many offered their condolences to the family. “There is no pain now, little brother,” some shared on social media. Along with asking for proper compensation to be given to Wei Wei’s parents, social media users also demanded strict action to be taken against the coach.