Alabama Woman Steals Neighbor’s Goat, Paints It Blue, And Posts Picture ON THE INTERNET

You ever thought about getting a goat and paint it blue? Yeah, me neither…

Well, apparently a woman from Baldwin County, Alabama, did and now she’s looking at a felony charge.

A Gulf Shores woman named Erica Marie Farmer got the idiot idea to paint a goat blue (naturally), and had an even brighter idea… to just stroll on over to her neighbor’s farm and just, you know, “borrow” one of their goats without asking.

Farmer (who is ironically not the farmer in this story) took the goat while the neighbors weren’t home, to “show her daughter” but “at some point,” she told investigators, she decided to use food coloring and “blue shampoo” to go full Bob Ross on it.

“Livestock theft is a felony in Alabama regardless of the value of the animal,” the sheriff’s office says.

Of course, her neighbors got home and realized that one of their goats was missing, and when they asked one of their other neighbors if they had seen it running around anywhere, it was revealed that Farmer had posted a picture of their goat with a fresh coat of blue paint, ON THE INTERNET.

Stealing, abusing animals AND sharing the evidence on social media… the idiot trifecta.

She’s now facing felony charges of theft and animal cruelty.

You can’t fix stupid…