Baby Miraculously Survives After Pregnant Mom Is Fatally Shot in the Head at Home

pregnant mother lost her life in Baytown, Texas, this week after what authorities say was a senseless act of gun violence. Although police initially thought 23-year-old Dominique Million was the victim of a stray bullet, new reports indicate that the young mom-to-be may have been targeted when she was struck and killed inside her apartment on Monday. But if there is some small glimmer of hope to this story, it’s this: Her baby girl survived and is recuperating at a nearby hospital.

The incident happened on Monday night at an apartment complex on Garth Road.

Million was reportedly sitting inside her apartment at the time of the shooting and was struck in the head by a single bullet.

Paramedics arrived just after 6:30 p.m. and worked quickly to save the young mother’s life. But despite being air-lifted right away to a Memorial Hermann hospital in nearby Houston, doctors were unable to save her.

Just as Million’s life slipped away, her daughter was successfully delivered via C-section.

The unnamed child, who was born roughly two months premature, was transferred to Texas Children’s Hospital. She will remain there as she continues to gain strength, according to KHOU.

Police first thought Million was struck by a stray bullet during a shoot-out between two vehicles in front of her apartment.

Now, investigators believe that her apartment may have been targeted, even if she wasn’t the one who was supposed to be hit.

Baytown police detectives are working to piece together what truly happened that night and have zeroed in on several people of interest, based on eyewitness interviews.

One neighbor told KPRC 2 News that he saw two men who also live at the home in the front yard that evening.

From what he could tell, the two men were arguing with a third man shortly before the gunfire broke out.

“At first there was a guy arguing with them that kept going back and forth to that truck before the whole shooting happened,” another anonymous neighbor chimed in. “They shot them and then they shot back so after all the shots went out the cars pulled off and the guys ran to his truck.”

Another witness estimated hearing eight or nine shots during the melee.

One of those bullets wound up striking Million, who was inside at the time.

Another struck one of the men who was standing outside. He was also brought to Memorial Hermann but was later released.

In the meantime, police have identified three men as people of interest in the shooting — Ernest Adams, Jhakeem Monrose, and Shai-Keem Thomas — though no charges have been filed at this time..

Neighbors remain shocked and saddened by the young mother’s brutal death.

“I just don’t understand how people could have so little value of someone’s life, how you can take it like that, that it’s nothing, it’s disgusting,” neighbor Ronni Moore said, according to KHOU.

“I’m sorry for her – my heart goes out to her and her family,” she continued. “I just know that the lady who lost her life was pregnant, and it’s just sad – it’s so sad.”

Tragically, the incident occurred in the very same apartment complex where another mother was shot and killed two years ago this month.

In that case, Pamela Turner was shot and killed by a police officer when she reportedly tried to use his own taser on him. Later claiming self-defense, the officer shot the woman five times.

Just last month, the woman’s family filed a lawsuit against the city of Texas for her wrongful death. That case is still pending.