Cruel mother falsely claimed that her daughter was terminally ill and received $400,000, then her daughter really died

Recently, a woman in the United States was convicted of child abuse and jailed, and she used her sick daughter to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity, and finally, the police opened the coffin of the girl for an autopsy to reveal the truth.

Kelly, 43, lives with her two daughters in Douglas County, Colorado. In 2017, Kelly launched an online fundraiser after her 7-year-old daughter Olivia suffered from a rare intestinal disease. Under the constant hype of Kelly, many people offered a helping hand. Police said that before Kelly was arrested, she received a total of $530,000 from online donations and medical subsidies.

Police said Ollie was taken to Children’s Hospital of Colorado in 2017 when she was malnourished and had to be fed through a feeding tube. A few weeks later, Kelly decided to remove the feeding tube and signed “No Rescue”. Olivia died soon after, although many doctors did not believe the girl was terminally ill.

Oddly, it wasn’t long before Kelly started raising money online again, saying that her eldest teenage daughter had been diagnosed with cancer again. This practice has aroused people’s doubts, and the police have also begun to intervene in the investigation, believing that there is something tricky behind Olivia’s death.

In 2018, the local police opened Olivia’s coffin for an autopsy. The autopsy results confirmed that the little girl did not die of intestinal failure at all, and the various diseases that Kelly previously claimed, including hydrocephalus and epilepsy, did not exist, including The medical records of the eldest daughter’s alleged cancer, etc., were also quickly proven to be forged by Kelly. Although the exact cause of death is still unclear, it has been speculated that Olivia may have been deliberately injured by Kelly, causing Olivia to become weak and die.

The Douglas County District Attorney’s Office accused Kelly of deliberately taking advantage of her child’s illness to defraud her of money, and that she actually put her daughter to death for the sake of a fake show.

In early January, Kelly pleaded guilty to child abuse, wrongful death, theft, and charity fraud. However, Kelly and the prosecution reached a plea agreement, and several other felony murder charges were withdrawn. According to Kelly’s confession, she faces up to 16 years in prison.