Dad Charged With Murder For Battering Rapist Found Near Daughter’s Room

We all have the right to protect ourselves – right?

If an intruder comes into your home, you are allowed to defend your family and home from the thief.

In Australia, Ben Batterham was at home when Ricky Slater, 34, entered the home uninvited – he was an intruder.

Batterham and another unnamed man grabbed Slater after he broke in.

The police were called. Slater lost consciousness at some point before the police arrived and later died at the hospital.

Batterham has been charged with murder!

According to reports, Batterham attacked Slater outside his daughter’s bedroom, and the two ended up fighting in the street.

At some point, Slater was put into a headlock.

Slater’s mother, Beryl Dickson, was devastated to hear of her son’s death.
Apparently, Slater had been in prison for an unrelated crime and had just been released.

It would seem like he hadn’t learned his lesson in prison and was willing to break the law again.

father goes to jail
Dickson didn’t get to say goodbye to her son.

Local residents are calling for Batterham to be released from prison, he was just protecting his family.

father goes to jail
I think there is a thin line between protecting your family and going too far.

If Batterham had at some point, gotten Slater out of the house, why did he keep fighting?

father goes to jail
Many readers said Batterham could use any level of force necessary to defend his daughter.

I suppose you don’t really know how you would react in that kind of situation until it is happening.