Dairy Owner Ties Up 5 Children, Gives Them Electric Shocks Because He Thought They Stole His Phone

The police in India rescued five children who were tied up for several hours, beaten up and given electric shocks by a man who thought they stole his phone.

The incident took place in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday. A dairy enterprise owner, Avnesh Yadav, lost his mobile phone worth $400, and thought the children living in his neighborhood stole it, media outlet India today reported.

On Wednesday, the dairy owner picked up the five kids from their homes and locked them up. He tied the children, thrashed them and gave electric shocks with a live wire, India Today reported. Authorities said a few other people helped Yadav torture the kids.

The families of the children found out the children were being held by Yadav. They arrived at the scene of the incident and found the children in a bad state. The police rescued the kids and rushed them to a local hospital. One of the victims told the police the man not only tortured them, but also refused to give them water, Madhyamam reported. [Google Translate showed]

The details about the children were not revealed.

Based on the complaint by the parents, the police charged the dairy owner and several others for torturing the children. Police officer Ravinder Kumar said teams have been deployed to arrest the accused.

Last week, the police rescued a 7-year-old girl who was allegedly subjected to inhuman physical and mental torture for more than a year by her father and stepmother. The incident took place in the eastern state of Odisha, where the girl had been living with her father. “Following the divorce of her parents, the child was taken by her father forcibly. He subjected the child to brutal torture by not feeding her for months. She is badly malnutritioned and her weight has gone to five kilograms (11 pounds),” social worker Md Jamil Akhtar told Ommcom News at the time. The girl’s biological mother learned about the alleged torture and rescued the child with the help of Akhtar and police.