Las Vegas Mother Attempts To Kill Self After Drowning Two Young Children In Separate Bathtubs

A Las Vegas mother has been arrested after her two young children were found dead in two separate bathtubs at their home.

Bullhead City Police arrested 33-year-old Jovan Paris Trevino on Tuesday, July 20, in connection with the deaths of her two children, a 4-year-old boy, and a 1-year-old girl.

According to the authorities, police officers and firefighters were dispatched to a home at the 700 block of Calamus Palm Place near west Galleria Drive and north Gibson Road on July 19 after receiving an alert for a medical emergency.

Responding officers found the two children unresponsive in the home. They were pronounced dead at the scene.

Trevino’s ex-fiance alerted the police that he had found the children dead in the home, court records stated. The man reported the children were found drowned in two separate bathtubs. The caller identified Trevino as the mother of the children. Responding officers reported both the bathtubs were half full with water when they arrived.

Police said they found the boy upstairs in the loft and the girl in the master bedroom. According to the arrest warrant, investigators also recovered Trevino’s phone and a¬†suicidal note from her nightstand.

The note said Trevino “could not ‘walk-off this earth and leave my precious children behind,'” the documents stated.

According to the Henderson Police, Trevino “voluntarily” ¬†admitted herself into Western Regional Bullhead Arizona Medical Center. Once there, she told staff that she had murdered her children.

Police officers drove to the hospital to meet and question Trevino. During the questioning, Trevino told police she decided to kill herself and her two children on Monday.

The mother reportedly consumed some kind of medication and then told her son she was going to give him a bath.

She then forcibly drowned the boy before telling her daughter she was going to give her a bath too. She took the toddler to the bathroom in the master bedroom and drowned her as well, the documents allege.

The mother told the investigators that she attempted to kill herself but failed, eventually getting herself admitted to the hospital.

Trevino now faces two murder charges. Her court appearance has not been scheduled.