Man Allegedly Forced Live-In Partner To Sell Kidney, Then Fled With The Money

Aman, who reportedly forced his live-in partner to sell her kidney two years ago due to financial difficulties, allegedly fled with the cash earlier this month.

The victim, identified only as Sofiya, recently approached the police in the Indian state of Kerala to file a complaint against her live-in partner Muhammed Raneesh, who allegedly coerced her into selling one of her kidneys for INR 8,00000 (approximately $10,734.74), The New Indian Express reported.

“He convinced me to sell the kidney saying it would help us tide over our financial crisis. He also promised to marry me,” Sofiya, 43, was quoted as saying.

It was also alleged Raneesh obtained all the documents, including an authorization letter from a member of the local governing body, to prove she was donating the kidney by her own choice.

Sofiya said  Raneesh left home on July 6 and never returned. She also alleged that Raneesh made a false promise to marry her.

“He left home on July 6 and has not returned. I have studied only up to Class 4. I can’t read and write properly. He convinced me to sell the kidney saying it would help us tide over our financial crisis. He also promised to marry me,” Sofiya told The New Indian Express.

The woman further claimed she was kept in the dark about the recipient of her kidney until her surgery on April 4, 2019. “The financial deal was between Muhammed and the recipient’s family. They transferred the amount to his bank account,” media outlet India Today quoted Sofiya as saying.

Raneesh allegedly also prepared an affidavit, which said Sofiya and the recipient were known to each other and that the former was donating her kidney in honor of their friendship.

“I knew Sofia as she had worked in a construction firm along with my cousin brother for five years. We became good friends and even our families became close. When she came to know about my health issue, she agreed to give her kidney,” the affidavit read.

Authorities have launched a manhunt for Raneesh after receiving Sofiya’s complaint. “We are trying to track Muhammed (Raneesh) down, but his phone is switched off,” Thrikkakara Police Station Inspector R Shabu told The New Indian Express.