Terrifying video shows moment man tries to kidnap six-year-old girl from her front yard in Ohio

An Ohio man is facing a felony abduction charge after he allegedly tried to kidnap a 6-year-old girl while she was taking out the trash; the incident was captured on her family’s Ring doorbell camera.

In a clip obtained by ABC7 in Los Angeles, a man is seen approaching a girl, Ken’Adi Nash, who is at a garbage can at the curb. He then grabs her and pulls her by her arm. Ken’Adi is heard letting out a sharp scream as the man lets go and walks down the sidewalk. Ken’Adi then runs inside. Authorities have since identified the suspect as Deric McPherson, 33.

“This guy walked by, and he touched, and he pulled me,” Ken’Adi told the outlet.

Her father, Ricky, added, “He wouldn’t have let go of her if she wouldn’t have pulled and screamed like she did.”

Ricky recalled jumping into his car and following McPherson. “I chased him like he still had my kid. I definitely didn’t want him to be able to go snatch another kid,” he told ABC7.

Ken’Adi’s mother, Mandie, said she’s “so proud” of her daughter’s quick thinking, noting that their previous discussions with their four daughters about escaping an attacker “obviously” works.

Mandie told CNN that her daughter “came in with a blood-curling scream,” adding that when “she ran into the living room she said, ‘mommy someone tried to take me, he touched my private parts.’ “

Mandie said she “went outside and saw him walking down the sidewalk” before she and her husband chased him. Her husband then jumped in his car and tracked down McPherson.

Mandie told The Washington Post that they have often had the “stranger danger” talk with Ken’Adi, telling her “if anybody ever tries to touch or take you, scream, bite, kick [and] make as much noise as possible.”

She added that her husband cornered McPherson in a parking lot while speaking to police in Butler County.

McPherson has since been arrested and charged with abduction and gross sexual imposition on a victim younger than 13, both felonies, per his booking sheet.

He is being held on a $35,000 bond, according to The Washington Post.

McPherson’s arrest comes roughly eight years after he was charged with rape before a grand jury dismissed the complaint, per the outlet.

It’s not clear if McPherson has retained a lawyer to comment on his behalf.

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.