Man Takes A Snake Bite To The Junk, Finds Escaped Python Hiding In His Toilet

A 65-year-old man in Austria recently lived a real life nightmare when he sat down on the toilet to take care of his business.

Shortly after taking a seat in the ready position, he was bitten in his nether region by a python that measured more than 5-feet long.

The reptile reportedly escaped from its enclosure in a neighbors apartment and slithered through the drain pipes and up into the toilet. The snake was apparently cleaned and returned to its owner, which is by far the most shocking part of the story.

There is a 100% chance I would have killed that snake in this situation by whatever means necessary, not just called someone to wipe off the toilet water and send it home.

The man claims he went to use the restroom at about 6 in the morning when he felt a sharp pinch in his genital area. When he stood up and looked down to investigate the source of the nip, he saw an albino reticulated python looking back at him.

A snake expert was called to fetch the snake from the toilet, and the owner who owns 11 pet snakes and a gecko might be held liable for bodily harm by negligence.

As Samuel L. Jackson would say…