MISSING: Dad Hasn’t Heard From Georgia Mom And 2 Young Daughters In 2 Months

Georgia police south of Atlanta are looking for a woman and her two children who may have been missing for as long as two months.

Kenneth Parish — an Indiana man who is father of Rosanna Parish’s children, 6-year-old Heaven and 3-year-old Unique — reported to authorities that he had not been able to reach the family in more than two months, the Clayton County Police Department said.

Parish told police that management of the apartment complex where Rosanna lived said she had been evicted, and she lost her job at Waffle House at about the same time. Parish said he and , who Rosanna doesn’t have a cell phone, communicated through Facebook, but she has neither posted anything of her own or responded to his messages recently.

Rosanna Parish is described as 5 feet 2 inches tall with black hair and brown eyes. Heaven Parish is about 3 feet 1 inch tall, and Unique is 2 feet 8 inches tall.