Mom Says Newborn Was Taken Hours After Birth & Put in Foster Care in ‘Hospital Mix-Up’

June 15, 2021, was a day like no other for 32-year-old Heather Smith. For starters, the Ohio woman suddenly learned she was pregnant — just minutes before giving birth at a hospital in Zanesville. But before the excitement could even sink in, the first-time mom claims she was the victim of a devastating mix-up — one that misidentified her as another patient in the hospital, who had just tested positive for high levels of narcotics.

According to Smith, she went to Genesis Hospital after experiencing what she thought was appendicitis.

To her shock and surprise, the shooting stomach pains she was experiencing turned out to be labor pains, and before she knew it, she was delivering a baby girl.

Little Sage reportedly weighed in at 7 lbs. 9 oz., and measured 21 inches long. According to her mother, she was told her daughter was happy and healthy, and she passed every newborn test with flying colors.

But at some point, Smith was informed that her tests raised some very serious red flags.

According to nurses, hospital lab tests revealed that Smith had both meth and fentanyl in her system — something that shocked the Ohio woman, who claims she’s never been a drug user.

“Just the powder of that stuff, if it gets on your skin, it’s lethal,” she told WSYX this week. “To have that in my system and my baby not, there is no chance.”

Smith was floored by the results and even more alarmed when doctors wouldn’t believe her.

Instead of walking out with her baby the following day, Smith was sent home on her own and informed that her newborn would be handed over to the state and placed in foster care.

Ever since, she’s been doing everything she can to get her baby back — even reaching out to local news outlets to share her story far and wide.

Smith believes it was the incompetence of the hospital staff that landed her in this whole mess.

As she recently told WSYX, she noticed after being admitted that her hospital bracelet had the wrong information on it.

“I actually corrected them in the hospital,” she told the news outlet, “and I said this is not me.”

A nurse allegedly took the ID and scanned it before returning it to Smith, who now feels that the issue was never actually corrected.

“She should have cut that bracelet off,” said Smith, who added that “at this point I think it’s more they don’t want to admit their mistake.”

Now, more than 10 days later, Smith says she still hasn’t been reunited with her baby.

The terrible twist of fate has left her heartbroken and devastated, as she continues to ask questions that no one seems to have answers for.

“The baby’s drug screen came back clean,” Smith insisted to WSYX, adding this:

“The cord blood from the placenta came back clean. Wouldn’t she be having a lot of withdrawal symptoms? Wouldn’t she be sick? For me, to supposedly have these drugs in my system, please please prove that to me under my date of birth. Prove it to me under my name. My registration number.”

Smith claims that part of the reason she didn’t know she was pregnant was because she thought that it was impossible.

Because she has severe endometriosis, doctors had told her years prior that she wasn’t able to have children, and over time, she’d made amends with it.

“Within a year and a half I had eight surgeries,” Smith added of her initial diagnosis.

But now, with the birth of Sage, the mother feels that she’s been given a living miracle — one that was sadly ripped right from her arms.

“She is something special,” Smith told WSYX. “She definitely is. I shouldn’t have had a child at all and she is just the biggest surprise of my life. So I want her home.”