Ohio Woman Chased Down The Street By Angry Raccoon… Gets A Face Full Of Pavement

A tense showdown in the middle of the street in Elyria, Ohio, recently turned hilarious.

The video opens with a young woman leaning in with her cellphone in order to get better footage of a raccoon that was apparently just relaxing in the middle of the road.

After getting within just a few feet of the raccoon, the lady begins to back away slowly when the raccoon decides he didn’t want to be on camera anymore. The raccoon then decides to charge the lady.

Her initial reaction is to flee on foot, but she appears to be a somewhat inexperienced runner because just a few steps into her escape attempt, she goes tumbling to the ground while her flip-flops and phone go ricocheting off the pavement like a shredded tire at a NASCAR race.

The raccoon showed no signs of stopping it’s pursuit though. Luckily for the lady, the man nearby interjects himself into the slow speed chase and keeps the raccoon away long enough for the lady to regain her footing.

As the video ends, the man who defended the lady’s honor and the raccoon continue to square up in the street as she abandons her belongings and fleas further away from the crazy ‘coon.

This clip should serve as a reminder that you should never position yourself in such close proximity to a wild animal, because you never know how they’re going to react to your presence.

While typically nocturnal, raccoons are also somewhat commonly active during the day.

While a raccoon being active during the daytime could very well be a sign the animal is sick or rabid, it is not always the case.

But that’s just another reason you should keep your distance though. Especially if you’re not equipped to properly run away.