Oklahoma Man Arrested on Suspicion of Murder, Kidnapping of Missing Girl, 17

An Oklahoma City man has been arrested on suspicion of the murder and kidnapping of a missing teen, police say.

Eduardo Bonilla-Lopez was arrested by the Oklahoma City Police Department on complaints of murder in the first degree and kidnapping for the disappearance and death of Haylie Gonzalez, 17, according to a state news station, KFOR. It is unclear if and when he will be charged.

In a statement to PEOPLE, an Oklahoma City Police Department spokesperson said, “We received a report of a missing person where foul play was suspected. During the course of the investigation, probable cause was obtained to make an arrest on Mr. Bonilla-Lopez.”

Citing a police affidavit, KFOR reported that Bonilla-Lopez, 18, allegedly FaceTimed another individual to ask for assistance in getting rid of Gonzalez’s body earlier this month.

During the video call, Bonilla-Lopez reportedly showed the witness “a female bleeding from the head in his front passenger seat,” before the individual told Bonilla-Lopez to take Gonzalez to receive medical attention. Bonilla-Lopez allegedly said that “he didn’t want to or he would go to prison,” per KFOR.

While speaking with investigators, Bonilla-Lopez allegedly revealed that Gonzalez was at his home and had been shot. Bonilla-Lopez then said he made the video call to the witness while “the victim was still alive but severely injured,” according to KFOR.

The outlet reported that Bonilla-Lopez also told authorities that Gonzalez was dead and that he later drove her to another location, where he allegedly had an unidentified individual dispose of her body.

After the second individual returned, Bonilla-Lopez reportedly cleaned his car and then called the witness once more to say that Gonzalez’s body had been removed from the vehicle.

As of Wednesday morning, Gonzalez’s body has still not been recovered and officials are still searching for the second suspect. “This is still an open investigation, and our officers are working diligently to piece everything together,” the Oklahoma City Police Department spokesperson told PEOPLE.

Speaking with KFOR, Gonzalez’s mother, Yvonne Turner, said that she and the rest of her family are still trying to wrap their heads around the tragedy.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Turner said. “I still don’t even know exactly what happened.”

“She gave me a hug and a kiss and said I love you,” Turner added of last moments spent with Gonzalez. “That was it. That was the last that I heard or seen from her.”