Oklahoma woman charged in toddler’s death dead after falling in a jail shower

Officials are examining after a detainee imploded inside the Canadian County Jail.

Canadian County Sheriff Chris West says Lesley  while washing up on Sunday night in the prison. She was raced to a close-by clinic where she was articulated dead.

Hendrix was in prison on a charge of first-degree murder in association with a little child she was looking after children.

In November of 2015, specialists state a 23-month-old young lady was raced to an emergency clinic with seeping on her cerebrum. Tragically, she passed on from her wounds. Hendrix told agents that she put the youngster down to bed yet couldn’t wake her up.

The Oklahoma State Medical Examiner’s Office is presently researching Hendrix’s reason for death.

The El Reno Tribune reports Hendrix was 32 years of age when she was accused of the demise of Isabella Little Elk, the 23-month-old youngster she was thinking about at her home.

The state Medical Examiner’s Office controlled the 2015 passing was brought about by unpolished power injury to the kid’s head and could just have been brought about by misuse and just during the time the kid was being taken care of by Hendrix.

Hendrix was captured and charged about a month after the youngster’s demise. She was booked to stand preliminary, however, the procedures were postponed. It is trusted Hendrix was the longest-held detainee at the Canadian County Jail at the hour of her passing.