‘Perfect’ baby girl killed by swooping magpie as heartbreaking tributes pour in

The death of a “perfect” baby girl killed by a swooping magpie has “shattered the hearts” of her parents and all who knew her.

On Sunday, Mia’s mum Simone tried to shield her little one from a hostile magpie darting at them through the air at a park in Brisbane, Australia.

While trying to duck and protect her baby, Simone tripped with Mia still cradled in her arms. The five-month-old sustained severe head injuries and despite being rushed to Queensland Children’s Hospital, she tragically passed away.

To support Mia’s inconsolable parents, friends and family have set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for funeral costs and to give them time off work to mourn their loss.

The heartbreaking message, written by Mia’s aunts, told of how her arrival in February “made Jacob and Simone’s life complete” and that she was “loved by all who got to meet her”.

“Everything about Mia was perfect from her head full of hair, to her tiny little nose and her little long toes,” the tribute reads.

“Mia’s arrival made Jacob and Simone’s lives complete, they constantly doted over her, showered her with love, and shared her for all their loved ones to adore.”

Mia’s aunts wrote that on Sunday, “beautiful Mia, at only five young months of age, grew her little angel wings and left this world for the final time.”

Her death, “shattering everyone’s hearts, and crushing Jacob and Simone’s world in the blink of an eye”.

“No words can begin to describe the torture Jacob and Simone are going through. A life cut so short, much sooner than any one of us expected. Mia was and forever will be the light of Jacob and Simone’s lives,” they added.

According to the post, the parents have only asked for time to mourn for their “stunning little ray of sunshine”.

The magpie was well-known around the park, and one mother reported the bird having swooped down and attacked her children on a previous occasion

All funds raised will be used to help the devastated parents pay for Mia’s funeral and to “take as much time from work and the world as they need”, the page says.

Mia’s “heroic” dad Jacob was praised by a witness for quickly calling an ambulance and doing “everything he could” to save Mia’s life.

The man told the Courier Mail the parent’s shock after the accident was “beyond anything I’d ever seen”.

Another mum interviewed at the park said her children were attacked by the same magpie, and left with bloody wounds on their cheeks.

She said the bird pecked close to their eyes even though the youngsters were wearing helmets.

Male magpies typically swoop during breeding season between August and November 


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The magpie was caged by Brisbane City Council workers on Monday afternoon and moved from the park.

In a press conference today, Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner told reporters the council was working with police to investigate what happened.

Male magpies swoop during the bird’s peak breeding season from August to November. The aggressive behaviour is a means of protecting their nests until eggs are laid and young birds developed.

The highly territorial birds will attack any potential threat, including humans, by darting down through the air and occasionally making contact.