Police Bust Alleged Killer, Rapist Half A Century After 15-Year-Old Girl Found Stabbed To Death In Cornfield

Julie Ann Hanson was just 15 years old when her body was discovered in a Naperville, Illinois, cornfield on July 8, 1972. She had been stabbed 36 times and investigators believe she was also sexually assaulted.

Nearly 49 years passed without an arrest – until this week.

Authorities on Wednesday charged 76-year-old Barry Lee Whelpley with three counts of first-degree murder in connection with Hanson’s death, KARE 11 reports.

Whelpley was 27 years old and lived in Naperville about a mile from Hanson’s home at the time of the killing, according to the Daily Herald.

On the evening Hanson vanished, she had been seen riding her bicycle to a brother’s baseball game. An older sister reported her missing the following afternoon, as her parents were not home when she disappeared, according to the newspaper.