Screaming baby rescued from hot car after carer left him to gamble at casino

A baby boy who was left in a hot car while the man looking after him allegedly went to a casino has been rescued by police

Officers wearing body cameras filmed as they opened the locked car door and took the tot from his car seat.

A witness had spotted the crying youngster when he parked next to the car he was in at a car park at the Big Horn Casino in North Las Vegas.

It is not clear how long the baby had been left, but he was extremely distressed as officers took him from the car.

The video taken from the officer’s camera shows the police sergeant giving the boy some water in an attempt to cool him down.

The officer said she was pouring water on the youngster as he felt hot.

The baby was rushed to a nearby hospital.

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Mitchel Hooks, 39, was arrested in connection with the crime. He now faces charges of child abuse and leaving an unattended child in a vehicle.

According to court records, Hooks posted bail on Monday, July 19.

He is due back in court on Tuesday, August 31.