Sleeping Couple Wake in Shock When a Car with 2 Teens Inside Crashes Through Their Roof

Early Sunday morning, while most Americans were still sound asleep in their beds, a couple in Eureka, Missouri, awoke to a terrifying sound. But as they flipped on the lights of their bedroom, nothing could have prepared them for what they would see just a few feet away: A car had slammed straight through the roof of their suburban home and was dangling precariously from the ceiling of their master bedroom — with two occupants still inside.

The shocking crash happened around 1:30 a.m. May 23.

According to Eureka Fire Department Deputy Chief William Stamberger, the white Chevrolet Malibu was occupied by two teenagers who had just left a nearby graduation party. On their way home, the driver lost control of the vehicle, which then veered off the roadway and landed at the bottom of a hill.

That wasn’t the end of its journey, though. Fox 2 Now reported that the car “catapulted” into the roof of a nearby home before finally coming to a stop.

That’s exactly where first responders found the car when they arrived just minutes later.

Incredibly, instead of finding numerous fatalities or serious injuries as they might have suspected, authorities said all parties walked away unscathed.

The two teens, who have not been identified, were able to leave the vehicle on their own, through the home’s master bedroom. Meanwhile, the Eureka couple who’d been asleep in their beds didn’t have so much as a scratch — even though the crash happened just a few feet away.

Authorities say the outcome was nothing short of miraculous.

Stamberger told Fox 2 that it’s “an extreme success story that everybody survived this.”

“They were truly lucky … there could have been the potential for a great amount of disaster,” he added.

“If you look at that crash, it’s, like, how did somebody not die?” said fire department representative Scott Barthelmass in a separate interview with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

“It’s literally incredible,” he shared. The car was “literally just saucering through the air end-over-end.”

Tht’s certainly not an overstatement.

Photos from the accident scene, which were shared on Facebook by the Eureka Fire Protection District, show just how serious the crash truly was.

In addition to causing serious damage to the home, the accident appears to have crumpled the front of the Chevy sedan and smashed its front windshield.

According to reports, the cause of the crash was excessive speeding.

But by all accounts, the homeowners do not appear to hold any animosity toward the teenagers and have even said that they’re just thankful everyone survived and that the two boys are safe.

For now, both the homeowners and the teen driver are consulting with their insurance companies on how to proceed.