STOMACH CANCER THE SILENT KILLER. Here are the signs and symptoms

Cancer diseases are serious diseases and they have many types, including stomach cancer.Learn about its causes, symptoms, and available means of its treatment

Cancer is a common disease, which may affect a person suddenly, or there will be symptoms that indicate the approach of cancer, and stomach cancer is one of the most dangerous types of cancer because it may reach the esophagus and small intestine, so let us know the following about the causes of stomach cancer, its most prominent symptoms, and the means available for its treatment.

Stomach cancer causes, symptoms, and methods of treatment

Causes of stomach cancer

One of the most important reasons that cause a person to develop stomach cancer is the wrong diet, and this has been proven by studies conducted in this field, which showed that smoked foods and salty foods contribute to stomach cancer.

A person gets stomach cancer as a result of a genetic factor, and the disease in a family member before.

Resorting to smoking, drug use, and drinking alcohol causes a person to develop stomach cancer.

Symptoms of stomach cancer

It is important to detect stomach cancer early so that treatment takes place quickly, and so that the person is not exposed to complications from the disease. Among the most important symptoms of the disease:

persistent indigestion.
Vomiting and nausea frequently.
Difficulty swallowing.
Significant loss of appetite.
Gastrointestinal bleeding and black stools.
Weight loss.
The presence of blood when vomiting.
Symptoms of benign stomach cancer
Benign stomach cancer is masses of cells found on the lining of the stomach and is usually not accompanied by clear signs or symptoms, but it is discovered by a specialized doctor, and it is worth noting that benign stomach tumors may lead in the future; Especially with a lack of attention to it, it leads to cancer in the stomach, and there are some minor symptoms that, if they appear on the patient, he should go to the doctor, including:

Presence of blood in the stool.
Pain in the abdomen when pressed.
Exposure to nausea.
Stomach cancer causes, symptoms, and methods of treatment

Surgical treatment:
It is done by removing simple tumors in their early stages from the lining of the stomach through endoscopy.
resection of part of the stomach; And who has tumors only.
The entire stomach may be removed and the esophagus connected to the small intestine so that food can pass into the digestive tract.
Lymph node removal, is done to look for cancerous cells. Stomach cancer causes, symptoms, and methods of treatment
Radiation therapy
And this is through the use of x-rays, which are used to eliminate cancer cells, which help reduce cancerous tumors in the stomach.
Radiation therapy causes many symptoms for the patient, including nausea and indigestion.
Chemicals or chemotherapy drugs are used to kill stomach cancer cells and prevent them from spreading to other parts of the body.
It may also resort to drugs that help to confront the cancerous cells that are found in the stomach, and these drugs are usually used with chemotherapy to treat stomach cancer.

As you can see, the above symptoms are not reliable indicators of cancer. A stomach virus or ulcer can have these symptoms. Symptoms appear when the cancer is in an advanced stage.

risk factors

Risk factors for stomach cancer include a genetic history of cancer and smoking. Helicobacter pylori infection is also one of the main causes of stomach cancer. However, many people with bacteria inside do not get cancer.

gastric cancer treatment
Treatment depends on the diagnosis and may include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Treatment usually involves curing or controlling or eliminating symptoms if the disease is in its early stages. If the goal is treatment, then treatment is aimed at eliminating side effects. While the goal is to keep cancer under control, treatment focuses on relieving symptoms that affect the quality of life, such as eating problems, pain, and bleeding. A second opinion is always recommended for cancer.

Prevention of stomach cancer
Although cancer cannot be prevented, what you can do is manage your risk factors by eating a balanced diet rich in fiber and citrus fruits, exercise and physical activity.