Teen Girl Sent Her Boyfriend an ‘I’m Scared’ Text the Night She Was Allegedly Killed by Her Mom’s Boyfriend

A West Virginia teen texted her boyfriend in fear the night she is believed to have been killed by her mom’s significant other.

As WBAL 11 reports, 15-year-old Riley Crossman texted her boyfriend one message after another around 11 p.m. on May 7:

“Andy’s in my room.”

“I’m scared, babe.”

Prosecutors presented these text messages during a preliminary hearing on June 19 for Andy J. McCauley, 41, who is charged with the teen’s murder.

Police say he has been a suspect “since day one.”

As Dearly reported, West Virginia authorities and volunteers searched long and hard for nine days before they found Riley’s corpse on a mountainside.

Authorities say where the teen’s body was found is “consistent” with the route McCauley takes to and from work.

Furthermore, cadaver dogs detected the smell of “deceased person odor” in the bed of the truck he used that day.

Additionally, the truck had traces of drywall mud in it, which was also found on Riley’s shoulder and foot.

Chantel Oakley, Riley’s mother, reported her daughter missing on May 8, after learning she was absent from school.

After several failed attempts to text Riley, Oakley went to see if her daughter had returned home.

According to WBAL11, the mom said:

“I went upstairs and walked in her room and she wasn’t there. I was mad and scared because, at that point, no one had heard from her. Then I got the call from the school saying she had been marked absent.”

The mother added that she knew her daughter would not have run away because she wouldn’t want to “upset” her family.

In agreement, Lance Crossman, Riley’s father, said:

“She wouldn’t just run off. She has never hurt anyone in her life. She’s very gentle.”

The family has raised a total of  $12,004 on GoFundMe for funeral expenses.