Teen throws 6-year-old boy off the 10th floor, then smirks at father saying: “I’m mad”

A young boy, who went on a holiday to the UK with his parents, came back home with an experience that changed his life forever. While holidaying in London, the six-year-old paid a visit to the Tate Modern with his parents, and they made their way to the 10th floor of the museum.

Also inside the museum at the very same time was an autistic teenager named Jonty Bravery. Jonty was seen following children around and peering over the railings while making his way around the museum. At one point, Jonty crossed paths with the 6-year-old boy and suddenly, the teenager picked up the child and threw him from the 10th-floor balcony, according to BBC. “The defendant scooped him up and, without any hesitation, carried him straight to the railings and threw him over,” Prosecutor Deanna Heer said.

The young child fell 100 feet below and landed on a fifth-floor balcony, falling “head-first towards the ground.” After hurling the child off the railing, Jonty looked at the boy’s horrified father and said, “I’m mad” with a smirk, according to the Daily Mail. The child’s mother also said the teen had “a big smile on his face.” When Jonty later spoke about what he had done, he said he scoured the area “for the most vulnerable child” and claimed he carried out the attack to appear on the news. While speaking to medical experts, the teenager claimed he felt “undestructable” and was “on top of the world” after the incident that put a 6-year-old boy in a wheelchair.

Although the child survived the staggering fall in August 2019, he came out with severe injuries that included multiple fractured bones and bleeding in his brain. He is now back home in France with his parents and has been making remarkable progress since the fall.

For several months, he was far too weak and could not even speak. But now, two years since the incident, the boy has started going back to school and is interacting more with other children. “Our little knight has come back to school. Two mornings a week. He needs to make new friends of course but he is very sociable, and the children in this school are very welcoming, as well as the school teacher and other professionals,” said a letter written by the parents, as quoted by The Sun.

His proud parents are also able to see him slowly starting to ride a tricycle. “he is trying out an adapted tricycle that we will soon be able to offer him for his rehabilitation at home, but also for fun! During the first test, our son was all smiles, from the beginning to the end of the session. And the way he managed to drive the vehicle amazed his physiotherapists!” said the parents in their letter, posted on GoFundMe on May, 2021.

Currently, Jonty is serving a minimum 15-year prison sentence after being charged with attempted murder.