Tennessee Man Blows Off Half Of His Hand Shooting Fireworks Through Sunroof Of Moving Car

Couldn’t even wait until Sunday to let the 4th of July shenanigans begin?

According to The Tennessean, a 21-year-old Murfreesboro resident lost half of his hand attempting to shoot a firework from the sunroof of a moving car. A woman who was also in the vehicle suffered a head injury, minor burns to the neck and back area, and ear pain from the incident as well.

The victim of the incident told Rutherford County Medical Services the firework went off in a tube he was holding in his left hand.

The crew searched for the other part of his hand to try to preserve it, but couldn’t find anything.

MPD Capt. Gary Gensemer had this to say about the incident:

“Fireworks are made of explosives and are dangerous when used improperly. Users should read the instructions and safety warnings. Bad things can happen, as was the case with this accident; a man’s life is changed forever.”

Every year, thousands of thousands of people report firework related injuries, with the Fourth of July obviously being the most prevalent time of the year.

On top of this case, there were several reports of groups of people shooting fireworks at passing cars on Monday. The suspects also shot at a Murfreesboro police patrol unit.

So let this be a lesson learned to everybody who uses fireworks as play toys…. have a good time don’t get me wrong, but don’t be an idiot. A moving car? Holding it in your hand? C’ mon man…

That being said, this feels like the perfect opportunity to dig this CLASSIC out of the YouTube vault…