Texas partygoers kill gunman with bricks after he shoots two, killing one

Frantic houseguests killed a gunman with cement landscaping bricks after he shot several people, one fatally, at a party in Texas early Monday.

The incident unfolded around 1 a.m. in the backyard of a Fort Worth home, police said in a statement obtained by NBC News. Cops said the man had been attending a small backyard gathering at a home, became upset and left, then returned with another person and began arguing with fellow partygoers, The Associated Press reported. Suddenly he opened fire, wounding one person.

As he ran away and the guests gave chase, he turned and fired on them, too, police said. That’s when they started lobbing bricks at him.

“The shooter turned and fired at other people; a group picked up concrete landscaping bricks and started throwing them at the shooter,” police said, according to KWTX-TV. “At some point, the shooter was caught by the group and either fell or was taken down to the ground.”

He kept firing, though, hitting at least two more people, one of whom died at the scene, KWTX reported.

The gunman was pronounced dead at the scene. His identity had not been released by Monday evening. The handgun they believe he used has been recovered.