The State Of Alabama Took A Former Cop’s Gun Away, Then Gave It Back Days Before He Murdered His Wife

Jason McIntosh, a former small town Alabama police officer, pleaded guilty in March to the murder of his wife, a reduced charge that took away the death penalty and sent him to prison instead for 30 years.

Megan Montgomery, 31, was found shot to death in the parking lot of an athletic complex at Mountain Brook High School in December 2019. She had left McIntosh three months earlier after months of domestic abuse, as CrimeOnline previously reported.

Montgomery’s family started a charitable fund to help women get out of abusive situations and to understand the cycle of abuse that often traps the, WBRC reported at the time.

But McIntosh’s guilty plea didn’t prepare the family to learn that the state of Alabama, which took away McIntosh’s gun in February 2019 after he shot her in the arm, gave it back to him just two weeks before he used it to kill her.