Video captures 2 men at Westchester ATM before it explodes

Two men were captured on video Tuesday morning, running from a Chase Bank ATM in Westchester as it began to emit smoke and then exploded.

Police and bomb squads responded to the bank on the 7100 block of Manchester Avenue in Westchester around 8 a.m. The suspects were already gone and the machine busted.

Bobby Edwards, who lives nearby, told KTLA he heard two loud explosions around 3 a.m. and never expected it would be someone trying to blow up the bank.

“It shook me out of bed,” Edwards said. “The windows rattled and it was a very loud bang. … It was very loud, to a point where it was very scary.”

After the blast, the two individuals can be seen running back to the ATM and spending less than 30 seconds at the machine before taking off again.

“I thought they grabbed something and then they took off and went to their car, which happened to be parked in front of my house,” Edwards said.

Edwards said he is fed up with the crime in his Westchester neighborhood. There have been break-ins, bikes stolen, and now an explosive device set up at a bank near his home presumably to steal cash, he said.

“It’s terrible, it’s crap. It makes you not want to live here anymore,” Edwards said.

It was not yet clear whether the pair took any money. The investigation is ongoing.