When A Mother’s Baby Vanishes, Rescuers Discover Something That Will Break This Case

When parents go to sleep at night, they hope to find their children safe and sound when they wake up the next day. It’s an unspoken prayer that one young mother probably wished she had voiced out loud.

Her worst nightmare came true after she discovered that her toddler was missing, having seemingly vanished without a trace overnight.

After an extensive search for the little boy by both ground and air, authorities discovered mysterious tracks leading across the river, and into a nearby patch of woods.

Rescuers found the two-year-old’s footprints but gasped at the realization that there was a second set of footprints the family wasn’t anticipating to find. Mom sobbed as she realized the truth.

Chelsea Noble awoke that morning without a clue that anything was wrong inside of her house. Sadly, when she went to check on her toddler, William Odom, he was gone! The frantic mother immediately phoned the police for help, but as the hours passed, the situation seemed to only get worse. In missing person cases, the second set of footprints is usually as ominous as it sounds.

Either someone was leading the boy into the woods, or they were stalking him as he tried to run away. No matter how you look at it, William wasn’t alone on his journey. Mom was especially scared for the outcome, because her son was being tested for autism, and is nonverbal. He probably couldn’t ask for help even if he tried.

Search teams were desperate to find the poor toddler as quickly as possible! They knew that the second pair of mystery footprints was the key to finding the boy. Unfortunately, no matter how many K9 units, Wildlife & Fisheries agents, ATV search teams, and helicopters they employed, Harrison County Sheriff’s Deputies never did find little William.