White supremacist was ‘fuelled by hate’ when he shot dead a Black air force vet and a retired Black state trooper

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s office has revealed the racist ideology held by a man that killed two Black people in Massachusetts, saying he was “fuelled by hate.”

The murder of Ramona Cooper, an Air Force veteran, and David L. Green, a retired Black state trooper, occurred last month in Winthrop when Nathan Allen, 28, shot the pair in an unprovoked attack on June 26.

Allen was then shot dead by police.

In a statement made by Rachel Rollins, the Suffolk County District Attorney, she said that as well as his weapons – a .9mm caliber semi-automatic pistol and a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol – “he also carried hate fuelled by white supremacy.”

State Police investigating Allen uncovered white supremacist literature in his home, including diaries written by Allen. One notebook contained the following:

“White people are the world’s apex predators.”

“Whites in the USA are waking up. FACT.”

“Blacks are f—— losers. All of them.”

“They know they are inferior to us.”

In a separate journal, attributed to an entry timed and dated less than 48 hours before he took two lives, he wrote: “Through middle and high school I met n—– after n—– that was just f—— terrible to be around. I’m done. They f—– suck.”

In a statement, District Attorney Rollins said: “This man had fooled so many, outwardly appearing stable and upstanding while internally filled with extremist ideologies and hatred.”

The statement continues to say that the District attorney’s office will be working with other local authorities to provide mental health support and trauma services to support shaken communities in the aftermath of this attack.

At the funeral of Ramona Cooper, her late husband Gary Cooper Sr., said: “The community and all the support we’ve had around here has been amazing. People need to come together and stop fighting and hatred. It’s all about love, not hate.” according to NBC Boston.