Amother has been arrested for reportedly strangling to death her 11-month-old son after her husband refused to take the ailing child to a hospital. The woman later admitted that she killed her son to frame her husband for the child’s death, police said.

Jyoti, 26, who is identified only by her first name, was booked Sunday on charges of murder after the child’s relatives reported the incident. The incident happened in a village near India’s capital city of Delhi.

Initially, Jyoti alleged that her husband Satveer Tanwar was responsible for the child’s death. However, during a police interrogation, she reportedly confessed to strangling the infant using a stole, Hindustan Times reported. After the incident, Tanwar and his relatives rushed the child to a hospital but the boy did not survive.

Jyoti admitted that she quarreled with Tanwar over not taking the child to a hospital after the infant developed a fever Friday. Jyoti told the police that she did not have a cordial relationship with Tanwar and they often argued. She also said she decided to kill the child to blame Tanwar with whom she had differences.

The relatives of Jyoti and Tanwar blamed each other for the murder and reportedly misled the police during the investigation. However, police zeroed in on Jyoti as the prime suspect based on CCTV evidence and call records.

“Detailed investigation was taken up using CCTV footage from the village, call records and statements of witnesses. This revealed that the mother had committed the crime,” an investigating officer said, as reported by Times of India.Representational image Photo: Pixabay

Last month, a woman in Florida was indicted for murdering her 3-year-old son to exact revenge on the child’s father amid their custody battle. Amy Oliver, 36, of Jacksonville Beach was accused of murdering the child after locking herself with the child in her husband’s bedroom. An autopsy report revealed that the child had lethal doses of temazepam, a sedative, in his system. Oliver was charged with first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter of a child.