Woman Arrested After Commenting On Police’s ‘Most Wanted’ Facebook Post About Herself

It has to be one of the most bizarre arrest stories ever. An Oklahoma woman was just arrested for being an accessory to murder after leaving a comment on the police department’s Facebook post … about herself.

Lorraine Graves was suspected of being involved in the murder of 30-year-old Eric Graves. Two other suspects had already been arrested in the March 13 murder. The Tulsa Police Department put up pictures of Lorraine on Facebook for its weekly “Most Wanted” post.

Just three hours later, Graves took to Facebook to leave the following comment: “What’s where’s the reward money at,” she wrote.

While the comment must’ve been fairly baffling to police, it also ended their search.

Tulsa Police Department officers arrested Graves shortly after she commented on the post. They announced her arrest on Facebook last week. She was arrested in North Tulsa, they shared.

Graves was charged with accessory to murder. Her bond is set at $500,000.

Of course, social media has been having an absolute field day with the incident leading to the arrest, given how completely bizarre it all was. “Giiiirl you better stay off social media they can track you!!!” one commenter wrote.

Of course, that’s exactly what police did.

It’s quite a strange story that goes to show just how strong the force of social media is. It seems Graves just couldn’t keep herself from commenting on the post. Perhaps she didn’t know that it would be a pretty dead giveaway. Or maybe she was making some kind of deranged joke.

Either way, it led to a pretty quick arrest. “On 7/15/21 around 4:30 p.m., detectives with our Fugitive Warrants unit arrested Graves in north Tulsa near 36th St. N. and Garrison Ave,” police shared.

“This is an arrest, not a conviction,” the post also read.

There isn’t much more information about the crime just yet or Grave’s role in it. But Lt. Brandon Watkins told KOTV-DT it seemed like a lover’s quarrel that ended in murder. “It appears to be mostly about a girl,” he said. “It appears that there were people that were romantic rivals that decided to air it out with guns.”

It’s easy to chuckle at how Graves was located, but the important thing is that she has been arrested. No, she did not get the reward money for turning herself, in case you were wondering. We’re still unclear if that is, in fact, what she even meant to do.