Woman Charged After Chasing Black Teen Around Playground With A Knife While Hurling Racial Slurs

An Indiana woman is facing criminal charges for threatening a Black teen and it’s all caught on video.

Terra Roling, of Allen County, Indiana can be seen chasing a Black teen around a Fort Wayne playground with a knife in her hand. She can also be heard shouting racial slurs at the teen as she chases him.

Roling is now currently facing two charges of felony intimidation.

The probably cause affidavit filed in reference to the case, the incident occurred at the Weisser Park Elementary school playground.

The incident, which occurred back in May, began when Roling’s 13-year-old child came to her complaining that the teen had been physically assaulting him.

A YouTube video caught the altercation, which is currently serving as evidence in the case against Rowling.