Woman crashes her ex-boyfriend’s funeral and runs over graves with her SUV

A woman wreaked havoc at her ex-boyfriend’s funeral and nearly ran mourners down with an SUV in a Fargo cemetery in Barnesville, Minnesota.

The 28-year-old, named Blair Rebecca Whitten, was apparently not welcome to the funeral but still showed up, according to the family of her ex-boyfriend, Colin MacDonald.

Colin had passed away in his sleep after complications from minor surgery in April 2021. His family revealed that his ex-girlfriend, Blair, had been threatening and harassing them long before that. For at least five years, the family has allegedly dealt with Blair’s threats. So although it was devastating to see how she acted at the funeral, it was not surprising to them.

“She knew she wasn’t welcome and what she did instead of leaving peacefully was try to run somebody over and run somebody else over, which was me!” Gericka Charbonneau, Colin’s girlfriend at the time of his death, told Valley News Live.

Witnesses say that Blair went on to drive through the cemetery with her SUV and ran over gravesites.

“All of a sudden I heard someone screaming and yelling,” recalled Colin’s mother, Joan McIntyre. “So, I came out of the tent to find a car taking off at about 50 miles an hour and people screaming, ‘She just ran me over!'”

Gericka added, “There were elderly, there were children, there were people here who weren’t even here for Colin’s funeral. They were here for their own people and they didn’t know what was going on!”

Apart from sending threats to Colin’s family, Blair also took to social media and claimed that she had killed Colin, according to Joan and Gericka.

Her messages in response to Colin’s funeral post would say: “666 thank the powers that be thank ME.”

Seeing these messages left Gericka shaken and she said, “I was afraid for my life!”

“It’s hard because you can’t even grieve because you just have so much anger and you’re scared. You’re so worried about yourself and so worried about his gravesite,” she added.

After putting people’s lives in danger at the funeral, Blair was confronted by the police and claimed she was approached by people at the cemetery while sitting in her car. Blair said she was afraid the people would hurt her, and that’s what prompted her to drive off the way she did, as reported by Twin Cities.

According to KVRR, police spokesperson Jessica Schindeldecker said, “Multiple complainants reported Whitten was driving her vehicle, inside the cemetery, in a manner with extreme indifference for human life which created substantial risk of serious bodily injury to persons in the cemetery.”

Blair was charged with reckless endangerment for running over the gravesites, and she pleaded not guilty for the incident.

In an unrelated incident, Blair had also been accused of spray-painting the face of a Jesus statue black. According to Metro, she was charged with one count of misdemeanor criminal mischief for vandalizing the statue in Fargo, North Dakota.