Woman Finds Pet Dog Face-To-Face With Deadly Snake, Rescue Caught On Camera

Apet owner in Australia managed to get her dog away from a deadly snake after finding the canine and reptile face-to-face in the backyard of her home.

Snake catcher Stuart  McKenzie with the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 took to Facebook on Monday to share the incident. He wrote that the woman heard her dog barking continuously in the yard and rushed outside to find her pet face-to-face with a snake.

“A lady in Nambour today heard her dog barking in the yard, but this particular bark was a bit different to the normal. She ran outside to see her beloved dog face to face with a 4 foot Eastern Brown snake!” he wrote on Facebook.

The woman managed to get the dog away from the reptile and called McKenzie, who rushed to the residence to rescue the snake.

“Luckily both the dog and the snake kept their distance and the lady was able to get her dog away and inside and call us for help,” he further wrote.

Video of the rescue, posted on Facebook by McKenzie, showed the snake catcher picking the reptile up using snake tongs, then holding it with his bare hands and placing it inside a blue bag. The video then cuts to McKenzie releasing the reptile into the woods.

“The Eastern Brown acted a little strange when I first picked it up, but it was certainly back to normal come release time!” he wrote.

Though the woman is sure that the snake did not bite the dog, the snake catcher has advised her to keep an eye for signs.

“We advised that they monitor the dog closely just in case and to take it to the vet if anything changed, but it seemed that the snake and the dog never got too close to each other thankfully,” the snake catcher wrote.