Woman loses it at airport check-in, violently storms the counter while child pleads for her to stop

A heartbreaking video has emerged of yet another travel freakout. This time the video shows a woman who we later find out is (allegedly) on a no-fly list absolutely losing it. She storms past the airport check-in counter terrorizing the airport staff while her young child cries in the background for her mom to stop.

The video, below, is incredibly hard to watch and is full of obscenities. Viewers are advised to use caution when listening.

First shared to Reddit, then reported by Newsweek, it appears the incident occurred Friday night where a woman has apparently found out she’s unable to fly. She loses it, violently storming behind the ticket check-in counter screaming onbscenities and heaving items to the floor. Her young child pleads for her to stop.

The angry woman eventually picks up a large metal pylon swinging it toward the airport staff before a uniformed officer escorts her away.

It’s gutwrenching to see this kind of situation unfold before your eyes and your heart breaks for the children who have witnessed this sort of outburst. Regardless of the reasons for the ticketing issues, there is no excuse for anyone to behave this way.

Let’s hope these children get the help they need – mostly to be away from this angry, angry person. Over the past 12 months, we’ve seen a lot of travel freakout kinds of videos but this one is the worst I’ve seen.