Woman randomly starts spraying breast milk at others while dancing at a music festival

Not everyone’s got moves like jagger but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t dance at all. Sometimes, people lose themselves and do the craziest things. And by crazy, we’re talking about this woman who thought it was okay to spray breast milk at people who were attending a concert with her. The incident that occurred around two years ago was caught on camera by Eric Falconi.

According to Cafe Mom, the woman, in a leotard, sunglasses, and bright red boots, was dancing amidst a crowd before she whips out her breasts and starts squirting milk. If that wasn’t random enough, another woman comes and crouches in front of the woman giving out free refreshments so she can catch some in her mouth as well. The crowd was divided there, as some cheered the wild woman on, while some looked utterly disgusted.

One person can be overheard saying: “Oh s**t. Jesus Christ!” as others laugh and appear to egg her on. Multiple “Oh God”, and “Oh S**t” can also be heard in the video. The person who shared the clip said that the video was taken at Dirtybird Campout – an EDM festival held in Southern California. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take a lot of time for the video to garner millions of views and comments.

“Dirtybird Campout, Just when I thought I had seen it all. You never disappoint. Shit got pretty weird,” Falconi posted on Twitter. A stunning festival-goer who couldn’t quite believe their eyes aptly noted: “Okay but how does she produce so much milk?” Another stated: “Yooooo breast milk is like f****** gold and she’s just squirting [it] out like it’s water?”

A third replied: “This the kind of shit that makes white people look bad. I’m about to start suing,” thoroughly disgusted with what she just watched. Yet another commented: “White people… Y’all have never failed to make me question my existence. And I’m white.”  A fourth user wrote: “This is what it means when you turn something so pure and amazing into something corrupted and gross.”

Sure, some of these moves wouldn’t be acceptable in public, especially when some people still can’t get used to nursing mothers breastfeeding in public, but this could be a start to normalizing female breasts, right?